The Farm The Farm

The Farm

Drama, Comédia, br / 15"

year 2023


After his girlfriend surprises him with a trip to a wellness retreat in Brazil, an anxious cynic must protect his fragile relationship from a meddling guru.


Although they would never admit it, Calvin and Hanna’s relationship is on the rocks. Life is growing stagnant in their grey London apartment. They haven’t had sex in a long time.

To shake things up, Hanna surprises Calvin with a trip to ‘the Farm’ – a relaxing spa retreat in Brazil. Calvin would have preferred an Airbnb in Wales... but he reluctantly agrees to go.

Once they’re there, they are introduced to Bernardo – the eccentric guru of the Farm. They realise all too late that Hanna messed up the booking. This isn’t a ‘spa’ - it’s a psychotherapy centre, pioneering experimental wellness techniques.

Bernardo takes a special interest in Calvin and Hanna, and they undergo a series of unusual therapy exercises to test their relationship. As these exercises grow more extreme, Calvin’s scepticism of the guru turns into a personal vendetta. Calvin decides to plot a scheme to undermine Bernardo’s utopia and introduce chaos to The Farm.



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