Uncomfortable Experiences on Cloudy Days Uncomfortable Experiences on Cloudy Days

Uncomfortable Experiences on Cloudy Days

feature film, development / ficção, sci-fi


Three aliens settled in São Paulo recover the memory of their cosmic ancestry through blue dreams and must go back to their home planet before the eclipse at the end of the day


Lab Griot

BrLab 2020

Awarded at DiALab 2022

Awarded at Projeto Paradiso


Diego Paulino

Filmmaker, BA in Image and Sound from UFSCar with exchange from the University of Lethbridge, in BFA: New Media. Wrote and directed the television series pilot "Paleta de Cores" (2015) and the documentary NEGRUM3 (2018),  winner of 47 awards (Best short ICDOCS 2020, Best Short Mix Copenhagen 2019) and selected for more than 80 festivals across Brazil and the world (Queer Lisboa, Africa in Motion Film Festival). Paulino develops his work around themes of the black diaspora, sex dissidence, fantasy and science fiction. He is currently developing the fiction feature film "Uncomfortable Experiences in Cloudy Days'' (Reptilia Productions, Volta Filmes, Vitrine Filmes) and the series "FISSURA". His next short film, "Lazarus Damnation", started production with investments from Spcine and is expected to launch in 2025.  He is a member of APAN - Association of Black Audiovisual Professionals and part of the Paradiso Talent Network.

Other projects

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