I Stole The Rain For Love I Stole The Rain For Love

I Stole The Rain For Love

feature film, development / fantasia, drama


A mother cares for her son as he is turning into a fish, after being brought back to life


Lab Novas Histórias
Projeto Paradiso Incubator


Rafael Assunção


Rafael Assunção is a screenwriter and director born in São João del Rei, in the interior of Minas Gerais. Influenced by magical realism, his main interest is in fantastic stories that portray the place where he grew up. Rafael specialized in screenwriting through the Fulbright New Voices grant in 2021, where he wrote the script for "I stole the rain for love". In 2022, the script was selected for the New Stories Lab and FrapaLAB, where it won the award for best feature film script. In 2023, the project took part in the Paradiso Incubator under the mentorship of Marco Dutra. He is the creator and scriptwriter of the project "A Marcha dos Girassóis", a stop-motion feature film, with the participation of the Giramundo group, supported by the Paulo Gustavo Law for production in 2024.

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